Novemebr 10, 2017

1st Tabernacle

2, Novemebr is the historical event of declaring the 1sttabernacle ministry public with presence of Ecclesiatical Authorities, to be ministered with a cloistered love for ministering life, which was formed through the Lord Jesus through a historical dream of the Heavenly Throne in 1964 by  Fr,joy Thottamkara M.C.B.S.


1. Dream in 1964

2.Observing a saved new born Child abandoned by someone at Canal and being saved in 1971

3.Ordained a Priest in M.C.B.S

4.Writing a Miraculous hymn Karyan Ariyathe - Silent Sream in 1995, which was instrumental in forming a Prolife Movement ( the year Evangelium Vitae was Promulgated by St.John Paul 2)

5. Being a Part of Kanjikode Ministry from 1997

6.Declaration of the Ministry on Novemeber 10, 2007

7.Personal Meeting with Pope Francis and getting the Ministry and Kanjikode Messages blessed in person in August 2014